TWS 850 (220V) - Convection Oven for Batch Reflow & Baking

TWS 850 (220V) - Convection Oven for Batch Reflow & Baking

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Part number 1707397

TWS 850 is a powerful and compact reflow and convection oven with one heating zone ideal to perform soldering operation for small to prototype size SMT manufacturing, to cure adhesive and pastes and to remove humidity from fine pitch parts prior to reflow using Hot Bake function.
The oven enables to solder boards up to 330 mm length and 240 mm width.
Heating of the board is obtained by forced convection of hot air, a well-proven system, giving the best compromise among quality, productivity, consumption and dimensions.
Easy to use and with good performance, TWS 850 is a cheaper oven who allows to do solder operation in a really short time.
Even if able to solder very large boards, the oven structure has been design to be a bench-top type, to install it easily even in narrow spaces and thus is ideal for laboratories.
The electronic control system is designed to minimise power consumption.
Even if is a small oven it is possible to obtain a great variety of thermal profiles so as to fulfil the most demanding request.
The oven’s main parameters are constantly monitored by the Touch screen LCD display, always indicating the instruction for the operator and following parameters:

▷ Temperature set-point for each heating phase,
▷ Actual temperature for each heating phase.

The forced convection of air is on horizontal line, this due to a fan that blows the air from the inside to the surroundings. The air flux is calculated to not shift those components from their original position.
The actual temperature of the heater is monitored by computer and a built-in K-type thermocouple.